Saturday, March 17, 2012

I'm a fairy Queen

I was always jealous of women especially the rich girls.I hated them and all those designer shoes they owned. I wanted to be a rich girl and own a lot of designer shoes. I also was jealous of those rich girls that had alot of men hitting on them. I wanted to be popular, rich and have a lot of boys hit on me. 

Friday, March 16, 2012

Connecting with other gay men

I always knew John was gay. I felt an instant connection with him. 
John lived at CLO with me and many other people knew he was gay. I wish 
I came out of the closet back then and admitted I was gay because maybe I 
could have been with Kael. I wanted to be with men so bad. I just wanted to 
wrestle naked with them. I was crushing hard on this gay I met at a bar once.I started talking to this guy at a bar once in 2010 and  
I instantly thought he was so sexy.I was really hot for him and continued to talk about him to other people.I was very interested in anal sex with other men.I even asked people who knew about homosexual sex what happened during homosexual sex. I got so comfortable that I almost revealed my homosexuality to my roommate Brandon when I asked this girl about anal sex while Brandon was in the same room as us.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Let's hear it for the boys!

Let's hear it for the boys!

I love that song by Deniece Williams. I also like Raining Men by The Weather Girls.

My first time at a gay club

I remember in the summer of 2010 I decided to go to a gay bar with my lesbian friend Aisha and her gilfriend. I just got over a sad time in my life.Kael had just told me he liked a girl at his church and I was soooo jealous of her.I wanted Kael to like me instead. I just wanted to cry in a corner. I decided to
go to a gay club so I could be surrounded by sexy sweaty men. I wanted to find a new crush.I wanted to find a man to hold me in his arms.I was jealous of those rich girls who had money and alot of guys hitting on them.I wanted to be those rich girls. 

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

When I realized I was a homosexual

Sigh...I realized I was a homosexual after I fell in love with Kael.I smile from ear to ear when I think of my first boy crush. His name is Kael Dougherty and we both lived at CLO in 2010 and 2011 in Gainesville FL. He had a nice tight little body.I followed him around everywhere just waiting for the right time to tell him how much I wanted to be with him. Kael was always so kind to me. My computer broke once and he allowed me to use his computer. Kael even taught me how to play the drums. I wanted to ride off into the sunset with Kael on a horse.I never thought I could find the right guy because guys smell and they are hairy.Kael didn't smell and he wasn't hairy. I realized I was falling in love with Kael after a couple months of meeting him.Kael was very fit and he was muscular. I fantasized about him a lot. I was so sad during spring break one year because I could not go camping with Kael. I was broke and could not afford gas. I wanted to share a tent with Kael so bad. It would be just us boys out in the woods.

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Hello, my name is Taylor Jones, I am a homosexual and this is my gay hot spot. I recently came out of the closet after years of dating women. Women were always used as a coverup. I really wanted to be with men.
I work at Charles Schwab in advisor services in Arizona. I am a former gang member and drug user.I was also arrested for a DUI. I enrolled in community college and attended for 3 years until I received my Associates degree. I also worked as an EMT. I graduated from the University of Florida. College was really hard for me. I struggled to pass classes and failed many classes. Now I am happy to have graduated from a University as prestigious as the University of Florida.In this gay hot spot, I will discuss gay humor, gay lifestyle, being a gay dad( yes.I have a little girl), gay events and gay experiences. Now I am happy to be openly gay.

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